Bezos Hires ‘Pizza Podesta’ As WashPost Writer!

(BREAKING) The Washington Post hires world-class pervert JOHN PODESTA as a newspaper reporter! Podesta is a huge deviant caught in the Pizzagate scandal, so why is Podesta writing for The Washington Post?

What is Jeff Bezos (Washington Post’s owner) thinking? Why does Bezos have a $600 Million contract with CIA (via his company Amazon), and why did Bezos just hire a known pervert (Podesta) to write for his newspaper?

HALF of Washington Post Traffic is FAKE

Did CIA order Bezos to bring Podesta in-house — to supervise the Pizzagate coverup? In Podesta, Washington Post didn’t just hire a world-class Communist — it hired a known pedophile caught in the biggest scandal in American history.

Meanwhile, Washington Post launches their new kooky slogan — and gets busted buying fake web traffic to make WashPost seem “active.” According to Alexa, 59% of Washington Post traffic is FAKE — coming from web bots in China where almost nobody speaks English!

What do you do when your newspaper fails, and even CIA can’t prop you up? If you’re Jeff Bezos, you hire America’s biggest pedophile.

John Podesta Kidnapped Madeleine McCann?

Wikileaks BUSTS McCain

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