Global Catastrophe Warning Issued After 900 Million Poultry Deaths From Bird Flu Reported

March 5, 2017

Global Catastrophe Warning Issued After 900 Million Poultry Deaths From Bird Flu Reported

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An alarming Ministry of Healthcare (MoH) report circulating in the Kremlin this afternoon is warning that the outbreak of at least two virulent strains of rapidly mutating bird flu viruses currently sweeping the world can now be classified as a global catastrophe after India announced today (with bio-attack fears raised) that it was killing over 200,000 (2 lakh) of its domestic poultry stock and Britain, likewise today, ordering the killing of over 55,000 waterfowl (ducks)—and that brings the past few weeks global death toll of domesticated poultry stocks to over 900 million.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, less than a month ago (19 February), the MoH released a “red alert/warning” bulletin notifying the Security Council (SC) of the “mysterious” genetic blending of at least three H5 subtypes of the avian flu virus (H7N9, H5N8 and H5N6) first reported by China in 2013—and that the Chinese called a biological attack upon their nation perpetrated by the United States—and that prompted Bill Gates (the richest man in the world), also last month, to cryptically warn world leaders that over 30 million human beings around the world would soon die from an “unspecified/not known” pandemic.

Of the over 900 million domestic poultry stock deaths being reported from all around the world during the past few months, this report continues, the greatest death tolls (in the tens-of-millions) have been in China, South Korea and France—with further outbreaks of this “mysterious” and “aggressive” avian flu disease leading to mass killings being reported in Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark,Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, Greece, Israel and Bulgaria too. (to just name a few)

Major bird flu outbreaks reported between 1 January 2017 to 5 March 2017

With the global poultry industry shaken by this now unstoppable avian flu pandemic, this report notes, the first major effects are beginning to ripple through the world economy—such as the US military rationing eggs to its troops and their families in South Korea—but whose nation was saved just weeks ago when about 200 tons — millions of eggs — arrived from the United States in carefully packed boxes on commercial airlines averting disaster.

The gravest concerns to the MoH about this catastrophic avian flu pandemic, this report says, is its rapidly spreading to humans in China where the mortality rate in now at 40%–and whose hundreds of human deaths is even alarming the United States—most critically due to emerging signs that a new mutation in this avian flu virus is causing it not to respond to antiviral treatment.

Even worse for the United States, this report continues, are its government scientists warning this past week that their vaccines against this pandemic to protect their human population are no longer working, and a new one will have to be invented.

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This report further notes, in an appendix detailing the Federations plans to death with this catastrophe, that the United States is the least prepared nation in the entire world to protect its citizens from this pandemic—a conclusion supported by a 2014 US government report showing that even though the avian flu virus poses a greater risk then terrorism to the American people, their Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is only approaching this looming disaster with what is being called “a mix of ineptness and cynicism”.

And though the American people are being left by their government and mainstream propaganda media completely unprepared for this bird flu virus catastrophe to come, with barely any of them even being aware of what is now occurring the world over, this report concludes, the same cannot be said of their hysterical fear of Russia—whom many of them are being foolishly led to believe are hiding under their very beds and coming to kill them all.

Source: Global Catastrophe Warning Issued After 900 Million Poultry Deaths From Bird Flu Reported


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