Clif High on the Greg Hunter show 3-4-17… “Chaos Starts Middle of March”

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clif_high_with_crow_logo_300_1 The Crow (L) of Clif High (R)

[Kp note: I just noticed Clif’s logo, which appears to be a crow. Kind of aligns with all the recent posts from First time I recall seeing that logo. I like it!] [And about halfway through there is a lot of information about how Donald Trump is successfully riding the giant wave of change we are on right now. This is one reason he is here.]

We are in the midst of massive changes. Massive paradigm shifts. In almost all arenas of our “lives”… at all levels, on all dimensions. And that is one reason I wanted to post this Clif High message. I’ve so far listened to about 20 minutes of this 45 minute presentation, and am finding it helpful for understanding the broader picture. Even listening to the first 10 minutes might be useful to many.

A longer article…

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