Kremlin Cancels All New York Times Subscriptions, Warns Leftist Newspaper Now Prints Lies

March 7, 2017

Kremlin Cancels All New York Times Subscriptions, Warns Leftist Newspaper Now Prints Lies

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Deputy Director Maria Zakharova has notified all Federation Departments, Ministries and Embassies that they are to immediately cancel all hardcopy and digital subscriptions to The New York Times as this leftist newspaper publication has now been labeled as “fake news” and is, in fact, to now be considered as propaganda no longer able to be relied upon for truthful or accurate information.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



According to this report, Deputy Director Zakharova, on 22 February, launched a special section on the Ministries main webpage (Published Materials That Contain False Information About Russia) dedicated to “fake news” explaining that its purpose was to counter “bogus propaganda stories” by various media outlets—and stressed that all international media outlets, when providing “unreliable information about Russia”, and do not provide facts, will be listed thereon—adding that: “This is the saddest and probably the most paradoxical element. A great deal of information is published, but never concrete facts.”


Causing the MoFA to shockingly list The New York Times as a “fake news” propaganda purveyor, this report continues, were many factors—including their publishing a 14 February article falsely stating, without any facts or evidence, that the Federation had secretly deployed missiles in violation of international treaties, and even more outrageously, their publishing an article yesterday (6 March) titled  “Trump’s Wiretapping Claims Puncture Veneer of Presidential Civility” that, in part, said: “Mr. Trump, convinced that Obama holdovers still in government are trying to sabotage his presidency, took the conflict nuclear over the weekend by accusing his predecessor of bugging his telephones last year.  Mr. Trump provided no proof, and the charge was quickly dismissed by intelligence veterans.

As to how blatantly false this New York Times article was about President Trump, and why Trump believed his and his aides phones were being tapped by the Obama regime, this report details, was due to this once respected newspaper, on 20 January (the day of Trump’s inauguration) publishing on its front page an article titled “Wiretapped Data Used In Inquiry Of Trump Aides” thus providing to Trump the “proof this propaganda purveyor claimed he didn’t have yesterday.



Even worse, this report continues, New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt, who wrote the 20 January article proving that Trump and his aides were having their phones tapped by the Obama regime, then shockingly was allowed to write a 4 March article in this now completely discredited “fake news” publication titled “Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones”—and that MoFA analysts label as the most propagandist “gymnastic action” ever recorded in American publishing history.



Late last week, this report further details, one of America’s most listened to radio hosts, named Mark Levin, complied The New York Times articles about President Trump’s phones being tapped by the Obama regime and combined them with other similar mainstream wiretapping reports saying the same thing—and whom, for his simply telling the truth, is now being pilloried by the leftist propaganda media who are publishing scandalous articles about him with titles like “Human Boil Mark Levin is Behind Insane Obama Wire Tapping Claims, And He’s Lying Through His Teeth”—and that Levin promptly responded to by, again, just simply telling the truth.



With Deputy Chief of the Presidential Executive Office-Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov now warning that the “emotional extremism” in the US leftist propaganda media may harm future relations, this report continues, the mass propaganda being deployed against the American people by The New York Times and its mainstream “fake news” media allies is showing that “whatever the US political left dislikes they smash and censor”.



To the dangers of these types of leftist actions, this report notes, are many—and include the US media failing to tell the truth about the so-called Gold Star father Khizr Khan who was used a propaganda “battering ram” against Trump during the 2016 election—but who is now being denied entry into Canada due to his CIA-Islamic terror ties, and as we detailed about in our 4 August 2016 article titled “US Media Support Of Khizr Khan Who Enabled 9/11, Boston Marathon And San Bernardino Terror Attacks Stuns Russia”.



And with these American leftists “having nothing left but lies”, this report concludes, The New York Times and its propagandist allies in the US mainstream “fake news” media have unleashed upon their whole nation a catastrophic new disease called Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) that is hitting America’s coasts, cities, colleges and newsrooms the hardest and turning people into what can only be characterized as nothing less than insane mindless zombies.



Source: Kremlin Cancels All New York Times Subscriptions, Warns Leftist Newspaper Now Prints Lies

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