Mar11 SITREP – Sessions Fires 46 Attorneys, Tom Delonge, More Pedo Arrests & Soft Disclosures


Published on 11 Mar 2017

Another sex trafficking sting, more MSM UFO soft disclosures prepping our consciousness, and Tom Delonge says a “big announcement” will take place within 60 days…but with who’s agenda?

Utah Pedo Arrests on March 9th –
Sessions Fires 46 Obama Attorneys –
Tom Delonge UFO Announcement Within 60 Days –
“Trumpcare” To Cut Vaccine Funding –
MSM says “Could Radio Burst Be Powering Alinen Ships” –

Survey! Which name best describes the Powers That Be (/Were)?
A. Deep State
B. Shadow Government
C. The Cabal
D. Sick Luciferian Cult Elite Human Farming Assholes
E. D-bags


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