Quotes From Conversations With Extraterrestrials MUST WATCH

Published on 12 Mar 2017

We will review and introduce you to a few individuals around the world that have been in contact with extraterrestrials. I share audio and video clips from each contact to convey a common message between all.

Our history is wrong. Our species was not created by “nature”. There is a hidden tyranny on the planet that will eventually spread though the galaxy. The reason for these extraterrestrials reaching out to us is to help us WAKE UP and own our power. Once we do, the tyranny cannot succeed as it has on other lines of time and we will step forward into the next stage in our consciousness evolution.

ClearIntentions Channel With Billy Morin
Current Event Commentary – Everything Alternative – No Filter
Instagram: @clearintentionswithbilly
Facebook: fb.me/ClearIntentions
Twitter: @CIntentionsBill




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