Infowars video 3-12-17… “Saturday Night Live’s Attack on Trump/Alex Backfires!” (excellent analysis of how MSM uses “comedy” outlets as propaganda)

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Although I enjoy comedy, and I’ve loved SNL, there is a lot being shown out there on MSM that essentially uses comedy as an outlet for propaganda… pushing an agenda. This video by Alex Jones (and he pretty much stays on point and doesn’t interrupt himself) very clearly points out how this SNL skit puts out subtle messages that “Russia is to be feared”, “Trump is a racist”, blacks (African Americans) are not to be trusted, “Infowars is fake news”, and various other things.

No matter how you view “the Donald”, this strongly and clearly points out the “propagandizings” in this SNL piece.

Published on Mar 12, 2017
Saturday Night Live opened their show with an absurd Trump/Alex Alien skit. What they didn’t know was that their subconscious inversion of truth would be laid bare for all to see. Alex breaks down how they are struggling to flip…

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