Kp Message 3-18-17 0020 HST…”So what are ‘The Energies’ like?”… Blazing… “And how do I feel about them in this now moment?”… I feel like Crap!!

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So that title is really long so maybe I won’t have to write so much. But I have felt rather “blasted” by the “blazing-ness” of the energies on the planet right now.

Personally, I know I’m also going through some type of energetic “cleanse”, “purging”, etc., but that’s not the cause of what I was feeling today. That was from the Cosmic “Blazing-ness” (fiery-ness) of those energies. I had to lie down for a one-hour nap… I could not go to Hapuna, I could not go to Costco, I could not do much of anything, except feed Mira and pet Mira, and make my raw greens salad, and watch all those videos I posted today yesterday.

Yet I was able to take a couple of very long walks, uphill-downhill, then downhill-uphill. What a treat! And of course the birds were here, and the chirping, and all of the wonderful peace…

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