Kp Message 4-19-17… “Using that ‘Higher Discernment'” and “Staying in alignment with that ‘Higher Self'”

Kauilapele's Blog

I can tell you, I am essentially NOT caring or putting or investing any of my own energies (my “faith”, as it were) into anything that I read, or view on the YouTube, the internet tubes, or whatever. None.

I am only putting “faith” in what my Higher Discernment, or Higher Guidance, leads me to. That’s it.

Yes, I’m still reading things, and passing through this title, that title, this “announcement”, that “announcement”, this “breaking and super important news”, that “breaking and super important news”, but none of it registers, fully, until it hits the “Higher Discernment” button, within me.

There is so much “interpretation of [this and that] which so and so [person, media outlet, YouTuber, thing] [did, said, wrote, reported]”, “Did you see what this one wrote about that one? And what do you think of that?”

I’m finding it completely “impossible” to keep up…

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