You Can Still Make Money With Youtube, Here’s How! {3 New Content Sites Coming Soon}

By now, if you or anyone you know has been in the regular habit of making their own videos, and then uploading them YouTube, then by now you’re all too aware of the advertising boycott taking place that has decreased the income streams of those content creators by up to 95% in many instances. 

If you expect to fully understand how something like this happened in the first place, or if income streams will ever recover, or if something like this can and will happen again, then first you must understand the difference between a monopoly and a monopsony. Then you must convince your legislators to pass new or additional anti-trust legislation to prevent this problem from growing even larger, and eventually crossing over into all markets, not just YouTube videos.  

A monopoly is defined as: A situation where a single company or group owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service, stifling competition.

A monopsony, sometimes referred to as a buyer’s monopoly, is a market condition similar to a monopoly except that a large buyer, not a seller, controls a large proportion of the market and drives prices down.

YouTube is a monopsony, and as such, it can deprive its content creators of all their income, thereby leaving them helpless, with very little recourse. To help you better understand, in the following video, Right Wing News goes into further detail about monopolies and monopsonies, and explains why every YouTube content creator must be made aware of what is REALLY happening at YouTube right now.

After the explanation, Right Wing News offers potential solutions for how some channels that are big enough might be able to weather the storm, and he ultimately concludes by briefly discussing three brand new video platforms coming to market within the next 60 days or so. After the video, you’ll find a recent article explaining how the YouTube boycott is being viewed from Google’s perspective, and what that means for content creators moving forward… 

Source: You Can Still Make Money With Youtube, Here’s How! {3 New Content Sites Coming Soon} | Politics

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