DR WILLIAM MOUNT: US Running Out Of Bombs???

You heard that correctly – the United States Corporation is running out fo Bombs.

Since 1 January  the United States Corporation has had already this year  in fighting ISIS has:

1) 24,150 missions bombing missions.

2) Dropped 8,000 Bombs at around $100,000 a piece

3) Fired what – 24,000 Missiles at a cost of $54 Million a piece

4) And thus spent over $2 Trillion Dollars

5) To “Kill 50 ISIS Members.”

6) At the cost of $50 Billion per ISIS member

7) Imported over 100,000 Muslim Terrorists into the USA through the Churches.

8) Paying each of the “Refugees” over $4,500 a month to the churches plus housing and full medical and dental out of Social Security. 100,000 x $10,000/mo = Allot of money.

And now the Generals are telling Congress they need more Bombs???

At $500 Billion per month the yearly cost is over $6 Trillion – with a T – to bomb the Middle East every year.

Over 15 years – that is about what – $90 Trillion Dollars – and for what????

So we can destroy and kill and move these Murdering Raping Muslim Refugees to America and Europe to destroy us??????

Listen to these Quotes:

THE US is hitting so many IS targets in Iraq and Syria that it is running out of bombs

But the US bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria has left the US’s Pacific Command with a dangerous shortage of ordinance, said its commander Admiral Harris.

American forces accounted for 79 per cent of the 24,150 strikes carried out against IS targets so far this year. Each strike involves multiple bombs, with 32,000 dropped in one month alone.

US Air Force chief General Mark Welsh warned: “We’re expending munitions faster than we can replenish them. We need the funding in place to ensure we’re prepared for the long fight. This is a critical need.”

Boeing, one of two US firms to make precision guided bombs, is to increase production to 36,500 JDAMs a year from 8,000 in 2015…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: US Running Out Of Bombs???


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