Kp Radio Hawaii 5-14-17… “Reflections on ‘Draining the Swamp'”

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Show link:

Talked about (among other things):

  • There is some (lots of) “freaking out” with all the changes on this planet, esp. in the US.
  • MSM is being called out up front. Political correct speech is being called out.
  • We’ve been living in swamp. We’ve adjusted to it. We’ve got used to it. It’s become “comfortable”.
  • Swamp is full of crocodiles, alligators, snakes.
  • Crocodile in suit is still a crocodile. Snake in a suit is still a snake.
  • Solution: while still in the swamp, need to see the swamp, see the creatures, deal with creatures, and climb out of the swamp (well, we may need to get out of the swamp first).
  • “Freak outs” have to do with fear of leaving the swamp.
  • What IS the swamp… correct speakers? “Politically correct” everything. But not being direct.
  • Those who call out the swamp creatures are not really…

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