JayPee: Humanity’s Long History and The Lyran Trauma – Feb 14, 2017 | Galactic Connection

Published on Feb 14, 2017

Jaypee is best known to the GC audience as the host of Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes. The Simon Parkes interviews are broadcast at his EverBeyond Radio in collaboration with WolfSpiritRadio. Other regular guests include Alex Collier and Jessica Marrocco with the Andronicus Transmissions. Most shows are archived on JayPee’s Youtube channel, Studio9Jam.

A broadcaster and musician, JayPee also works with several kinds of healing modalities, and in this interview speaks about his Seven Ray Readings, and especially the general path of human evolution that is reflected in readings of the Seven Rays. He has channeled Jeremy, his future self, for many years. These messages may be found at CrownBaseTransmissions.com and several recent transmissions concerning current events are related in this interview.

Alexandra and Jaypee have a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation. Topics covered include the waves of energy bursting now upon the planet. These are difficult, dramatic times for many people and resolution requires clearing both of the debris and detritus of this life and our past lives as well.

Among other fascinating topics discussed by Alexandra and JayPee is the history of the Earth itself. Especially interesting is JayPee’s idea of a ‘growing’ planet. Much of the discussion revolves around our present working-out and resolving of karmic cycles that reach far, far back into the human past. This karmic quenching is one aspect of the passing from our Sixth-Ray Piscean Age with its weakness for fanaticism, into the Aquarian, where unconditional love shall be the ideal…

Source: JayPee: Humanity’s Long History and The Lyran Trauma – Feb 14, 2017 | Galactic Connection

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