JFK Jr and Princess Diana still alive!! – The GREATEST PLAN IN THE WORLD!


This is about a beautifully good Princess and two strapping young men, who chose a totally different path, than being part of the elite/dark Cabal, who were in the same circles, but never conformed to them. These 3 Co-Created a Plan that has literally shaken and shattered our ‘tecnho-matrix’ world.

Meet the beautiful, pure, good and lovely Princess Diana. She was forced into a marriage where she was nothing more then a breeder for the ‘reptilian royal family,’ who in Diana’s words, at 19 was forced to marry a man only using her to bare his children and then she would be thrown aside. She quickly learned about the horrific crimes of the queen and royal family. She realized they (Queen) ran many of the secret societies, ate, raped and trafficked children, while ritually sacrificing them to Satan. How does a good and beautiful Princess handle this when she’s in a situation with no control and powerless? Her boys, she had little control over, they were to be groomed to take roles of power and authority. She was told she was nothing more then a breeder. Her relationship with the Queen was horrible, She hated the Queen and the Queen hated her. She even specifically said that the Queen is ‘EVIL’! Where does this leave her? A major threat. And She knew this. So, what does a beautiful good Princess do, when She knows Her fate is going to be death? Unless? And, who wants nothing more then to bring down the evil, to avenge what was done to Her and Her sons.

Who did She in trust to help her FLEE? JFK Jr. and Donald Trump. She knew They were good and They knew She was good. The Plan started after JFK was assassinated for starting to take down the dark Cabal. Donald and JFK Jr were a huge part of that Plan and so was the good and beautiful Princess Diana. Who better to take down the royals but an insider and an insider who’s life was destroyed by the royals?

JFK Jr and Donald knew the royals had to be destroyed, as they were the figureheads of the crown, and the crown owned the United States. They knew we would never be freed unless the Crown and the banking system was demolished. Diana was the perfect kingpin.

In the summer of 1995 a secret meeting was arranged between Diana and JFK Jr, an arrangement was made and Her ‘fake death’ was planned, and Her place in the Plan was established. The cover for details was plotted.

Then in Dec. 1995, 6 months later, She and Donald end up at a charity event together, and even ‘coincidentally’ end up at the same table. Donald played His part well, first flattering Her, then going on and on about Her in a less flattering way, but that was important, as it kept all suspicion at bay. After Her divorce was finalized a ‘hand-written’ letter was sent to Donald from Diana. This was the go ahead!

The Plan and cover began to unfold and She ‘died’ almost exactly 1 year from Her divorce. And She ‘died’ exactly 2 years from meeting JFK Jr. And JFK Jr. ‘died’ exactly, almost to the date, 2 years after Diana. NO COINCIDENCE!

There is no way that Diana and JFK Jr. would be able to execute their Plan ‘alive.’ There wasn’t any choice and their lives we’re in danger.

So, 3 short weeks before Diana’s ‘death’ entered Dodi, just 3 weeks was the extent of their relationship. He was the cover and He was also the connection to the good side of the House of Saud (think God Father III) His grandfather was the doctor of King Salman. JFK Jr. and Donald knew that there were two sides to the House of Saud and they knew that the good side (Salman) wanted to break free from the bad side (mob prince Al-Waleed) side. The bad side of The House of Saud was funding most of the curruption and they were a big part of the funding to the Crown. Donald and JFK Jr arranged with them, through Dodi, that if they (good side of House of Saud kept Diana safe) they would free them from the bad side that had been running the show (Al-Waleed). And by eliminating the bad side, you eliminate the funding to the dark Cabal, crown and free the (Salman) side of the evil mob. And in exchange for their freedom, Diana is kept safe and helps take down the royals with all Her inside Information.

The good side of The House of Saud needed Diana’s knowledge of the royal connections to take down the bad side of The House of Saud who was connected to the Crown and funding the Royal’s and the corruption.

Remember in the very beginning of the Q drops, the Saudi Arabia take down was so important because it cut the funding ties to all the curruption. They had to be the first to go. Without their ties being cut, nothing else could have happened. Their funding cut put a big squash in the royals funding making them weak and neutralizing their power.

Princess Diana went to JFK Jr for advice. She met Him in NYC to talk. JFK Jr. faked His death, so did She. They had 2 cars alike. She wasn’t in the car they thought She was in. She went through the same scenario as JFK Jr. That car was sabotaged to crash in the tunnel and thus She fooled Her murderers. It was sabotaged, but made them believe She was in there. She’s a very wise woman just like JFK Jr. People mainly believe what the media says. Prince Harry joined Her. They will all see the Military Tribunals at Guantanamo Bay and worldwide and Diana and JFK Jr will come out of hiding to complete the and celebrate with us when GESARA comes out this summer of 2020. See also THE LAST PRESIDENT | What a 127 yr old book reveals about Donald Trump, time travel & Nikola Tesla at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dABJ-oWV7Uk.


39 thoughts on “JFK Jr and Princess Diana still alive!! – The GREATEST PLAN IN THE WORLD!”

    1. A majority showed up at Trump Rallies. If you saw when Santa and Mrs Claus was there giving out hats, that was John and Carolyn. Elvis is alive and preaching at a church in Arkansas. Look for Bob Joyce on YouTube. Listen to him sing. He’s 82 I believe. White hair and a beard. Adorable. Someone asked about Whitney Houston. She died of a drug overdose and drowned. The ones that are alive, faked their deaths. They were in witness protection until they were ready to show themselves. Enjoy seeing them! Michael Jackson is also alive. He was innocent of all charges. Always be positive🦋


    2. We are asking you to wake up. Most democrats really fight it – brainwashed. Look at Lady Di and Jfk/JFKjr grave sights – aerial view. You can learn stuff too. Instead of critical thinking you chose blah blah blah. Research things. Turn cable trash heap “news” off. It’ll dumb ya down.


  1. I had gotten away from all of this good news, When I was told the great people that are sill alive I was soooo happy. I also hope Witney Houston is alive, she was goingn to thru a lot. I now believe Elvys is alive too.
    Wow, I would be so exited to them all alive. Such great people, what a joy. God blessed them all.


  2. It always seemed suspicious to me. Paparazzi wld make a limo driver drive wildly and ready how wld. They follow them .. then tunnel section of crash.. not a corner. I think driver is still alive.. hard to know for sure seems plausible


  3. Elvis is alive too, & Michael Jackson…And lots more it is going to be exciting. Especially after learning of all these other vampire Hollywood stars going down. All Pedo’s Satan Worshippers, Baby killers.


    1. Apparently Princess Diana and President Trump are a couple. She is said to be wearing a disguise – a rubber mask to look like Melania Trump who was divorced from DJT awhile ago. It will be grand. Elvis aka Bob Joyce, Michael Jackson, JFK Jr. , Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, Issac Kappy, Prince, and a whole lot more who faked their deaths to get away from the reptilian Illuminati! Justice will be served and we will be free to live in peace.


  4. Well it would be wonderful if this was true ! Summer 2O20 has passed and none of this happened!
    And who fathered her so called daughter ?
    So many questions and no answers because Q is just to keep us all entertained.


    1. Aww n charlie, why would u be up at 3am posting comments?? Long night was it?? Looooooool WWG1 WGA (apart from EVIL)


    2. Got news…. Marilyn Monroe is alive and is wearing a Hillary mask. Hilary is dead so it works out fine. Pelosi is a clone and Lassie is wearing a AOC mask. On the final declass day, DC will be blown up and the cabal will be imprisoned in the WH tunnels forever.


    3. Her daughter was in vitro prior to her marriage to Charles. The Crown wanted to see if healthy children would be born to the couple. The obstetrician did not destroy the embryos as instructed he implanted them in his wife and then raised the daughter who was born in the US. She discovered the truth when she was 18 and contacted Charles who did respond.


    4. The daughter came about like this.the queen made dianas eggs get tested before her and charles got marrird to make sure she could have children.the doctor was supose to destroy the remaining eggs but didnt and implanted an egg of dianas into his wife.she was born 7 months beher and charles were married


    5. This would be so wonderful for a new peaceful world coming very soon I hope and pray! I hope to be a very big part of it and see it happen for my son and grandkids and the future of our Earth and future generations to come. I hope this is the Messianic Paridise we’ve been waiting for for 2000+ yrs.


  5. Trump POTUS
    Orange is the New who Knew
    No more scales no more pain
    The former things have passed away
    Savior Sister


    1. Sheri please explain last 2 comments to those of following and Don’t understand all of 17’s drops and codes, etc!


  6. Programming for the dummies.
    Doubtless produced by Bertlesmann Publishing.
    Alternative given video by Trump.


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