CNN Just Screwed Themselves With What’s Seen On LIVE Broadcast They Didn’t Know Was Showing

View on YouTube CNN Just Screwed Themselves With What’s Seen On LIVE Broadcast They Didn’t Know Was Showing
CNN Just Screwed Themselves With What’s Seen On LIVE Broadcast They Didn’t Know Was Showing

As you know earlier this week, a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on a field where GOP Congressmen were practicing for the upcoming congressional baseball game. The shooter James T. Hodgkinson was on an obvious mission to harm as many GOP players as he could. Although no one died from the horrific attack, Representative Steve Scalise is still in critical condition after being shot in the hip. Last night, the bipartisan congressional baseball game went ahead as planned in spite of the recent attack on the Republican practice by the insane Democrat shooter. Of course, all the major news networks covered the game, but it is what CNN aired on live television that proved how horrible they are.

Everyone knows that CNN is the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. The leftist news network does its best to lie and mislead the population every chance they get. These vile rats just love to cause division especially during a time we should be coming together as Americans.

For example, after the tragic shooting CNN anchor, Jim Acosta tweeted that President Trump did not visit Scalise in the hospital. Of course, his tweet went viral and it was not until much later that Acosta corrected the tweet.

Check it out.
Here is more Milo Yiannopoulos:

Note the quotation marks and apparent implication that Acosta spoke with a “WH official” himself.
Apparently, he didn’t, because not long after Acosta’s tweet, the White House reported that Trump did, in fact, visit Scalise personally.

According to USA Today, the President and First Lady sat by Scalise’s bedside and spent time with both him and his wife.

Acosta went on to acknowledge his fake news – after it had already amassed thousands of retweets – but attempted to excuse it by deflecting the blame.

He claimed to have gotten the information not from a “WH official” as initially stated but from “a previous pool report which was later corrected.”

Note the low retweet counts on his corrections compared to his initial incendiary claim.
Of course, it was a blatant lie, but the left still ran with it anyway. Why? Because they know they can get away with this insane behavior. Of course, after Acosta was caught tweeting fake news he removed it, but the damage has been done.

Which bring us to the latest fake news CNN was caught peddling to the masses.

Last night would have been a perfect time for CNN to hang up their villainous gloves and begin to report factual information, but that would too easy. Right before the Congressional baseball game, both teams gathered on the field to pray. However, instead of CNN reporting this touching moment they framed it as ONLY THE DEMOCRATS KNELT IN PRAYER.
But, what makes this reporting even more egregious is that they did not correct their “mistake” for 13 hours!
You can see on the time stamp on the bottom of the tweet the time difference. The tweet on the left says 7:14 pm last night and the one right shows this morning at 5:39 am.

This proves just how sick the executives are over at CNN. This was a shining moment of both parties gathering together to pray for Representative Steve Scalise. The Democrats and Republicans kneeling over second base exactly where Scalise was critically injured. But, if you only were to get your news from CNN you would obviously think that Democrats were the only ones to pray.

However, there were those on social media users caught this blatant media deception and called CNN out on their BS.
This is just another attempt from the disgusting left to continue to divide the country and cause more division. These people in the media thrive on pain and suffering and the more they can cause anger the better.

Ever since Trump decided to run for the presidency the left has been in major freak out mode. They know that everything that Obama did during his administration is being unraveled step by step. Instead of these leftist trolls letting go of their hate they just keep egging it on.

For instance, these leftist trolls will make up a story about President Trump or conservatives and the left will run with it forever. And, by the time it is caught as being fake news the damage has already been done.

These reporters hide behind the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press in order to continue lying to the American people unchecked. Which is why we need to make sure we call out these journalists when they are caught being openly deceptive. We certainly do have our work cut out for us considering how many people have been brainwashed by the mainstream media. Trusting the mainstream media for accurate news is a thing of the past since they have all been corrupted by money and greed.

And sadly, it seems to me that journalistic integrity in the mainstream media is as dead as


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