Sandy Hook- You Won’t Believe What Alex Jones Just Said

View on YouTube Sandy Hook- You Won’t Believe What Alex Jones Just Said
The purpose of this video is a simple reminder that rhetoric and often repeated unverified claims, no matter how many times they are repeated and no matter how much emotion is invested in those claims mean nothing and ultimately do not determine whether something is true or not. Instead, even today the criteria for declaring something to be true and real is still physical and verifiable evidence. Nothing more, nothing less.

To this day the Sandy Hook “event” has been based on an avalanche of claims, mainstream media rhetoric, propaganda and a now very aggressive team of bullies known as the Sandy Hook conspirators.

Their message is simple. Believe what we are telling you instead of the self-evident truth or we’ll continue to attack you. This is the model for truth censorship in the future global order. Think what we tell you not what your brain concludes to be the truth or else. Once you understand this model you’ll understand why Sandy Hook will never go away.

For your consideration.

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