BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s CRIMINAL Past Reveals He’s Unfit To Lead Investigation

View on YouTube BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s CRIMINAL Past Reveals He’s Unfit To Lead Investigation
BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s CRIMINAL Past Reveals He’s Unfit To Lead Investigation

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Now that even some leading Democrats have begun to question the idea that Donald Trump and Moscow somehow “colluded” in order to win the 2016 election, the whole purpose of a Special Counsel seems moot. Furthermore, given Robert Mueller’s past, one must wonder why he’s even allowed to investigate President Trump.

Back in 2006, the Justice Department found evidence that Mueller, then the FBI Director, falsified testimony about the bureau’s surveillance on an anti-war protest in 2002. Specifically, the DoJ discovered that Mueller improperly opened and expanded investigations into certain Left-wing groups (via Mercury News).

Put another way, Mueller is a liar who illegally spied on Americans.

Other revelations about Mr. Mueller also call his integrity into question.

In connection with the 2006 investigation into the FBI’s illegal surveillance of an anti-war protest in Pittsburgh, Mueller committed perjury by claiming the FBI was conducting an anti-terrorism investigation into The Thomas Merton Center, a pacifist Catholic organization (via Got News).

Mueller’s bipartisanship seems doubtful given that his law firm worked with the Left-wing Civis Analytics as recently as 2014-2015 (via Got News).

Many have also noted that Mueller has staffed his Russian probe team with many Hillary Clinton donors (via The Daily Caller).
Finally, it has come out that Mueller played a significant role in removing the words “radical Islam” from FBI training manuals. This decision was promoted and supported by radical Islamist groups in the United States like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (via Judicial Watch).

Many Washington insiders have long maintained that Mueller is a threat to the Trump administration. Newt Gingrich believes that Mueller’s sole goal is to find a “fall guy” for the bogus Trump-Russia conspiracy, while Roger Stone has labeled Mueller as nothing more than a “neocon errand boy”.

It is undeniably clear that Mueller comes from the same Washington establishment that loathes our President and his supporters.

Furthermore, it is abundantly clear that Democrats are currently using Mueller’s investigation as a cudgel against Trump.

Many have even threatened Trump with impeachment proceedings if he fires Mueller–a power and right that he possesses (via Breitbart).

Rather than conduct an independent investigation, Mueller is only in Washington to disrupt, discredit, and possibly aid in the impeachment of President Trump. There are no other reasons for his investigation to continue.

President Trump: all American Patriots want you to fire Special Counsel Mueller and stop this sham of an investigation. Do not let the Left have its way anymore!

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