The Conscious Connection (1/4: Meditation Series)

View on YouTube The Conscious Connection (1/4: Meditation Series)
Making the choice to watch this series is going to take you down a journey. Following through the steps and shining your consciousness on the concept of building a sustainable meditative practice, and getting your mind/body/spirit trifecta in balance is an important task to take on. You might notice that your life changes in many ways. Establishing a regiment of meditation in your life makes you calmer, makes you clear out unnecessary parts of your life- you might cut certain people or practices out- you’ll watch less TV if you watch TV, you will start spending more time alone. Also, you might notice that your dreams become more vivid, you’ll have more epiphanies, you’ll experience more synchronicity, and you will start attracting things you always wanted into your field. But you have to take this seriously and put the time in. Let’s get started.

This episode delve into the spheres of consciousness, the brain wave states, and the basics of meditation.

Books to help you along the way:
How to Meet and Work With Spirit Guides:
This book has really great information about subtle bodies and consciousness.

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DISCLAIMER: The views and concepts expressed in this video are for informational purposes only! I present only one piece of the puzzle; only one perspective. We build and grow together. Allow this to infuse your own research as you come up with your ideas of what to add to your truth database. Thank you!


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