Kp Message 7-12-17… “Staying True to who you BE” (Energetically speaking)

Kauilapele's Blog

There’s a lot that has happened with my own path these past few weeks, months. And one of the deals was about having an energy “tool” that was given to me, and which I had used for a short time. Then eventually it went into “non use”. But I did nothing about it. Eventually, I was “awakened” to the need to “pass it forward”, when I reached for it, fell backwards, and planted my foot onto an unobserved 1″ tack, that “just happened” to be sticking straight up. No coincidence.

I then released the tool.

Since then, I have released almost every single “energy work” item that was given to me by others. In fact, as of tomorrow, all of them will be gone… to their next phase of operation.

Bottom line at this moment, is that I must remain true to my own Higher Guidance, and work only…

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