7.13 – Earth Changes & Secret Space Program Technology Soft Disclosures in the Media

July 13th 2017 (Recorded the 12th)

Today’s Sources:
Facebook video of Sky Ring (YouTube Version) – https://goo.gl/hxkioy
ScienceAlert: ” Scientists Just Teleported a Photon From Earth to Orbit For The First Time” – https://goo.gl/9ee5T6
Futurism: “U.S. Department of Defense Has Enlisted Six Teams to Develop New Brain-Computer-Interface Technologies” – https://goo.gl/1fLERz
Futurism: “You Could Own the World’s First Glasses-Free Holographic Phone by Early 2018” – https://goo.gl/PqHEJy
ScienceAlert: “India Is About to Be The Second Country to Ever Use This New Nuclear Technology” – https://goo.gl/fHXYkg

Intro song: Kronic – Rendevouz (feat. Leon Thomas) – https://goo.gl/x6ydKR

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