Bases 71 Nick Sands TI & Contactee Part 2

Contactee and Targeted Individual Nick Sands continues Day 1 of his witness statement, condeming the ability of the powers that be to Section people who have had UFO encounters, and then force them to work for what he desribes as the Illegal militaryt practice of downing UFOs, and then reusing the craft for military purpoises, thereby bring humanity into anb ET War scenario, with no information what so ever being given to the public “for security reasons”.
The Keswick and general Lake District zone, from carisle to the west, including the nuclear power stations are hinted at having been compromised by ETs, who are against our collective interest… in so many words.
Nick talks slowly , but the viewrrt must try to follow the implications of what he is saying.
It is very important to be alert to subtle uses of certain phrases, and the context of those phrases.
The premis being that we have “allied” ourselves witha rogue Reptilian group, who want to get access to Pleiadian time travel technology.

Day 2 follows.
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