Bases 71 Nick Sands TI & Contactee Part 3

Day 2, after a rest, Nick now goes into his abductions with Greys, and the walks in the countryside near the DERA base at Sandysike, north of Carlisle, where Reptilians kept track of him, while he spent a year at the base. He refused to join the space field team, and then took the hit for not doing so.

He mentions the Greenham Common protesters who were targets by similar radiation hi frequency weapons he was attacked by, using concealed weapons in the back spare tire cavity of 4 by 4’s.

All in all a nasty catalog of abuse. all so DERA could shoot down UFOs, and dispose of the crew no doubt.. and return the craft to flight…under Reptilian ET invasion force control..or something along those lines.

Its taken 17 years for Nick to recover and tell us his experiences.
The interview is aborted when he starts getting stabbing pains in his throat and tasted blood…

A final short part 4 follows
As with all Bases material do NOT Believe. Just take note of the information.

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