Network of Global Corporate Control8 8 17

There is a huge disconnect between the lies the Banking Cartel, working through the journalists and lawyers and accountants, tell you, and reality. The Banking Cartel manipulates journalists and lawyers and accountants to create a false theater for its crooked agents to act out on the world stage. The hard work is to help people understand how true it is that “all the world is a stage”
Behind this facade of normalcy is the Network of Global Corporate Control that has bribed and threatened and sometimes murdered the people in secret societies so that they play along with the script. The Network of Global Corporate Control does this by printing paper money with which to pay these bribes and to enslave the rest of us. This villain has also lied to you about the past; most of what you think happened before 1600 happened at a different time; alot of what you think you know is wrong. Moscow State University is trying to correct the lies

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