Conscious Media News – Divine Frequency – August 21, 2017

Get the low-down on David Wilcock’s latest plans to release a new book and live streaming video project, James Gilliland’s public statement about the recent increase in the Schumann resonance, and the Full Disclosure Project’s mass meditation event. The meditation is world-wide and occurs August 21, 2017 at 11:11am Pacific Standard Time on the day of the solar eclipse.

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James Gilliland’s Public Statement on the Schumann Resonance Increase:
Destroying the Illusion on the Schumann Resonance:

Full Disclosure Project on Mass Meditation:
David Wilcock’s Public Statement Update:
Link to the New Book by David Wilcock (not on pre-order yet, but you can click “email me” on the right and get updated when it goes on sale):

View on YouTube


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