Hidden History of The Westford Knight, Knights Templar, Indigenous People in America BEFORE COLUMBUS

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The sinclair stone or The Westford Knight in Westford, Massachusetts commemorates Sir James Gun and what may be one of the 1st accounts of a europeans deaths in America,
But he and Sinclair are certainly not among the first to discover North America.

As they had maps and knowledge of Viking routes before them.

And there is evidence to suggest many others may have “discovered” America long before Columbus!

A coin artifact demonstrates that the Phoneicians or Carthaginians may have had knowledge of America, and the various symbols and script on Dighton Rock in Massachusetts is believed to Phoenician as well as Ogham – an Early Medieval alphabet used to write the early Irish language.

Columbus himself reports on coming in contact with light/white skin Indians who were already in America before him and who were receptive to working with him, and we can find links in the tribes language that connect them to the Druids. There also evidence to suggest Irish monks were in the Americas.

There is documentation to support the Chinese visiting the America in the 1400s, however its known that they were led to America by a muslim from the Middle East who had the knowledge to guide them.

Which brings up the often overlooked elephant in the room…

One of the wealthiest man ever…

No, not a Rockefeller and Rothschild but the west African Mansa Must of Mali who’ came to power after his brother left to cross the Atlantic and never returned – possibly making way to the Americas.

Could the mysterious megalithic chambers that we find throughout New England be attributed to one of these early explorers?
The academics tell us they were built by colonial farmers and used as “root cellars” however there is much evidence to suggest they were built as ceremonial centers by a stone masons with an inclination into the ancient mysteries and fashioned much in the same way as the temples we find all over the world including Mexico and Egypt.

Chinese, Arabs and Africans are often left off the list of contenders, despite the fact there is valid evidence to suggest otherwise.

It is as to suggest that only pre-columbian europeans are the only only people capable of making “Great discover”…hmmmm?

Let alone the known fact that over 500 distinct tribes accounting for millions of Indigenous people inhabited the Americas long before Columbus “discovered it”

Happy Indigenous Day!

I hope you enjoyed this episode, much was left out so feel free to add and contribute by leaving a comment below. If you like history channel documentary national geographic…

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