Ochelli Effect 9-21-2017 Larry Hancock , Carmine Savastano

Ochelli Effect 9-21-2017 Larry Hancock , Carmine Savastano , Chuck Ochelli

Few figures or events linked to the Assassination of JFK have the power to spark debate as the investigation of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison. In this installment of the JFK 101 series we prove that is absolutely the truth. Due to the wide range of results from the events surrounding Garrison , the legends built around him , The JFK movie , and the astounding level of disruption offered by official and unofficial operatives , it is damn near a miracle anything good came from it. JFK 101 Garrison Investigation Sifting Sands

Many References

Larry Hancock’s work cited during the Richard Case Nagell discussion http://ift.tt/2xDNQqq

JFK Lancer Conference Schedule 2017 http://ift.tt/2kPrqMW

Carmine’s List This episode

Reference 1: JFK assassination conspiracy: David Ferrie was linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw in New Orleans, (November 15, 2013), New Orleans Times-Picayune, nola.com
Reference 2: House Select Committee on Assassination, Segregated CIA file, Microfilm Reel 25, Garrison, Agrupacion Montecristi-DRE, Garrison Investigation, Volume 2, Letter to FBI from Jack S. Martin, December 25, 1963
Reference 3: HSCA, Seg CIA file, SUBJ: Francisico Antionio Bartes Clarens, December 28, 1967
Reference 4: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Memo: December 1967 “Ramparts” article entitled “The CIA’s Brown and Root dimensions.”, Box 42, December 20, 1967 http://ift.tt/2kMWlcs
Reference 5: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Microfilm Reel 9, Hernandez-Loganov, Memorandum of Oral Commitment, (n.d.)
Reference 6: Central Intelligence Agency, Miscellaneous CIA Series, Security File: Nagel, Richard Case, Report Details on Nagell Case, pp. 2-50 http://ift.tt/2kPrs7w
Reference 7: Ibid, Subject: Nagell, Richard Case, January 18, 1968 http://ift.tt/2xFmOPc
Reference 8: Ibid, Registered Letter to Ms. Penelope Grenoble, Editor of the Los Angeles Free Press, August 12, 1975 http://ift.tt/2kMWn44 Related Podcast 1: The Many Who Claimed Too Much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds7c_Tz2KmI
Reference 9: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Memo on Lawrence J. Laborde (Assessment of Source), Garrison and Kennedy Assassination, (n.d.)
Research Article 1: Disturbed Men
Reference 10: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Guy Banister Alleged Involvement with Cuban Exile Activities, Box 40, November 21, 1967
Research Article 2: The Business of Intelligence
JFK 101 Garrison Investigation Sifting Sands
Larry Hancock

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