DescriptionBronze Jesus Cast from 3D Shroud Image

Published on Jul 17, 2017

The bronze replica of the body of Jesus derived from a 3D image computer generated from scans of the Shroud of Turin effectively reveals exactly what Jesus Christ’s face and body looked like—in every minute detail. In Turin, for the Exhibition of the Holy Shroud, the Custody sent some objects to the museum. In Jerusalem, there is a permanent exhibition on the Shroud. While residing in Turin, Italy, the Holy Shroud has been exhibited in the Holy Land, in the Pontifical Institute of Our Lady of Jerusalem, which houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Holy Shroud. The project was born nearly a decade ago, following the donation of a bronze sculpture that reproduces in three dimensions the appearance of the man printed on the Shroud.

The shroud is encoded with 3D information that is found from the spaces between the highest and lowest points of the body and its distance from the cloth. Recently, a VP-8 analyzer that gives topographical information about the moon and Mars terrain, was used on the cloth. Sure enough, a 3D holographic image formed of Jesus’ face and body. Artist Luigi Mattei then used the exact dimensions of the 3D shroud image to create a bronze replica of the physical form of Jesus Christ.

In charge of the Holy See for the Center Notre-Dame, Jerusalem: “Professor Luigi De Mattei made a sculpture from the image of the Shroud and reproduced it in a very beautiful bronze sculpture. He said to me, ‘Father, you will receive a bronze sculpture, a copy of the Holy Shroud for Jerusalem.’ This is how we tried to see how to make an exhibition around the sculpture, on the theme of the Holy Shroud”

The heart of the exhibition is certainly the copy of the Shroud, sheltered under glass; As well as reproductions of whips and torture tools from the Roman era; A reproduction of the crown of thorns, and various studies and explanations on the man of the Holy Shroud, Jesus Christ.

In charge of the Holy See for the Center Notre-Dame – Jerusalem
“I believe that this offers the pilgrim a dimension of the person of Christ very real, very concrete. When I think of a person, a very important president, I think of someone abstract. But when I say, “Look, the crown of thorns on Jesus’ head was like that; Here are the nails with which Jesus’ hands and feet were nailed … all this helps people to almost see the person of Jesus Christ our Lord, and arouses a great love, great empathy, great compassion for Jesus and his passion.”

Vice-charge of the Pontifical Institute of Notre Dame Center – Jerusalem
“We are in the age of image, in a culture of television and videos. That is how people want to see what has happened in the past. There is an indicative scientific certainty that these images probably correspond to the man of the Holy Shroud. ”

In Turin, for the 2015 Exposition, some objects from Jerusalem were also loaned, within the framework of the project of the future Terra Sancta Museum, of the association Pro Terra Sancta for the Franciscan Custody: Three perfumes and a lamp from the “the time of Jesus discovered during archaeological excavations on the Mount of Olives. The connection between the Holy Shroud and Jerusalem is evident and immutable. The Notre-Dame Center’s permanent exhibition helps to better understand its meaning.

In charge of the Holy See for the Center Notre-Dame – Jerusalem
“All scientific concordances and hypotheses confirm that the Holy Shroud is indeed the linen that wraps the body of Jesus. And all this happened in Jerusalem. He was wrapped in the Sepulcher, in the basilica where today we venerate the Holy Sepulcher. ”

Vice-charge of the Pontifical Institute of Notre Dame Center – Jerusalem
“This exhibition receives in particular the pilgrims who come so many in Jerusalem. When they arrive in Jerusalem, they want to walk along Via Dolorosa to Golgotha, then to the empty tomb of Jesus. So, really, an exhibition of the Shroud here in Jerusalem is truly a wealth and completes the experience of meeting with Jesus.”…

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