HAARP, Nature or God ? – Update On Devastating Iran Iraq Earthquake Costa Rica and Japan Also Hit !

Lot’s of speculation about the trio of MAJOR earthquakes that hit yesterday – http://ift.tt/2ibiPQN
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Folks, I wanted to explain something. Occasionally, I will be posting information about groundbreaking health products that REALLY WORK and ground floor business opportunities. If you are interested in making money and restoring balance we have partnered up with 2 companies, Zurvita and Healthy Place Botanicals (Name Change Coming Soon).
The main reason why we started doing this is to offset the revenue we are losing from google censorship. We have lost 90% of our google adsense revenue. In response, we have decided to turn off ALL google ads from future video (we have been doing this for about a week already). We ;have jumped on a leap of faith.
If you want to support our truth reporting efforts, this is the best way to keep us going and YOU, Yourself, will benefit as well.
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I truly believe we are turning people onto something that will help them financially and to restore the body’s balance in a toxic world.
Thank you for your understanding and your support. Please feel free to contact me directly at victuruslibertas@gmail.com if you want more information about our products and/or a ground floor business opportunity for little to NO upfront cost.
God Bless You All,

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