What is the Soul & Do You Have One?

What is the Soul and Who has a Soul? We will be looking at ancient scriptures from around the World from Various timelines and cultures. What does the Holy Bible say? What about the Gnostics? What about the Occult and Hermetics? Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Nag Hammadi, Secret Book of John, Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon & More …

Do the Grey’s have a Soul?

Do Animals have a Soul?

Do Insects have a Soul?

Do Plants have a Soul?

Do Clones have a Soul?

Is the Soul different from the Spirit?

If the Anunnaki Created Us, do We have a Soul?

What if we create something that becomes self aware, is it apart of Soul?

If we are created in Gods image and we create something in our image, does it have a Soul?

Can our Soul be a fragment of a larger Soul – The Oversoul ?

If you don’t have a Soul, can You get a Soul?

Are there Soul Harvesters and or Soul Farms?

What about Musicians and Entertainers that Sold their Soul, what does that mean?

Seven Great Hermetic Principles

What is the Soul, According to Biblical Scriptures

Secret Teachings of Hermes

Highest Level of Gnosticism

Space Born, Emerald Tablet of Thoth Four

Nag Hammadi on Amazon

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Question Everything
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