The Ochelli Effect 11-10-2017 with Tony Sayers

Vigilant Discernment New Age Reality

The Ochelli Effect 11-10-2017 with Tony Sayers

On a Friars day or Friday , We go where we don’t often go on The Ochelli Effect. Tony Sayers becomes our guide over a two hour conversation that is inspired by Chuck’s objections to many frauds in the alleged New Age Movement. Evil agendas are not only in the third dimension. All things in the world are not created by you , but you can be selective about what you embrace. How do you pull the plug on the line tapping into and leaching from you life-force.

Throughout , Tony encourages the listener to at all times , Think For Yourselves. Tony describes his evolving base of knowledge on many subjects. This is a primer to a much wider base of information Tony has collected over time.

As usual we encourage you to explore all of what was discussed here for yourself. This is an interesting conversation that touches upon everything from practical intent , Gurus , evil entity management , and how to raise a collective spiritual army that doesn’t have to lock arms to be an irresistible force. By the way the way the fact that the food sucks in America may have a spiritual aspect to it.

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