Ep. 764 FADE to BLACK FADERNIGHT w/ Jon Rappoport : NMFNR Open-Lines : LIVE

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On this very special Fadernight…the show opens with Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake News Room Live… and after that we got notice about Beverly Noel, a Fadernaut and fan of the show from the beginning…her calls into the show over the years have been special… she and her husband are on a fixed income and she was scheduled for surgery next week to fix her eyesight… but needed meds before the surgery that they didn’t have the money for and had to delay surgery…so, we went to work.

We turned this show into a telethon…all live on the air… we needed to raise $350.

In two hours we raised…wait for it… $3,332.00!!!

After the show the number went to $3,402.00!!!

Listen to this show…it’s amazing how our audience, although large..is family.

Now Beverly and Bob can have the surgery…she can get her eyesight back and hopefully have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Air date: November 30, 2017
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