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Last week we talked about the “show of force to the CIA” by a Marine Expeditionary Unit, and said that the US military knows that the CIA is headquartered in Switzerland, and does not have the security interests of the United States as its mission. This indicates that enough people in the military remain loyal to the US Constitution and to their oaths, to prevent the demise of the United States. This is also since Germany and Japan do not want the US military to surrender unilaterally because of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Notes.

The corruption coming from the central banks and the rest of the companies that own them (the “Banking Cartel”) through a rigged money system is getting exposed. The secret martial law that was in effect in the US ever since the Civil War in 1861 is over now that a critical mass knows. A critical mass of people sees through Donald Trump’s charade. This includes the US military , over 70% of them, according to my information
The Banking Cartel has lost its ability to manipulate us, and is continuing to lose more and more control.

The Banking Cartel owes more than $2 quadrillion and is being wound down in a trust called the Global Debt Facility. The more the Banking Cartel tries to convince us that it is “business as usual,” the more we see that this is not the case.

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