Operation Disclosure RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 6, 2018


All known rogue cabal elements have been 
neutralized. No signs of further rogue cabal 
elements have been detected so far.

Alliance leaders will be at Camp David this 
weekend in preparation for the release.

The leaders will be waiting for the final word 
of total victory over the cabal at Camp David.

Once total victory is declared from the top, 
the flood gates will open.

The RV will be released from it’s shackles. 
The GCR will be initiated, and GESARA will 
be announced.

Technologies such as med beds, anti-gravity, 
zero-point energy will be disclosed as part of 

If total victory is not declared over this weekend, 
the war will continue until total victory is achieved.

Now is the time for a meditation call to manifest 
victory over this weekend.

We hereby decree that victory be declared!
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