“Not Hiding it Anymore” – Mon. PM TNT Thoughts/Bank Story 1/08/2018



I’m in FLORIDA my best friends wealth Mgr Said There was a mandatory meeting for all employees that said there is a plan this week to raise currency rates and that all must be at work. Excited we are…WF… This happened on Saturday…They were bold and mentioned Dinar that was shocking to me…Yes Wells.. Yes we finally hear it 1st hand…They are not hiding it anymore

I am glad people are starting to see the USA holds the button. Now on to the release date….Hmmm….last Tuesday for Monday was a Holiday….now delayed till the 15th, but we will go before forex…..I think they showed their hand and tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the day….Tuesday last week, Tuesday this week, before the 15th….Yep! Tomorrow! Boy I hope so! Jmho

Tuesday’s always been one of my favorite days! Thank you, REI!

hlslady1983, don’t quote me on the date, just trying to use common sense and not the dart board….

Will not quote you, REI. Just makes sense. Hopefully lots and lots of cents!

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