James Martinez: Return To Standing Rock- Convergence Cold Fusion Cryptos

James Martinez, Return To Standing Rock
Website: http://ift.tt/1s2fvsg
James Martinez is a Media Ecologist, Radio Talk Show host and pioneer in radio broadcasting and behavior modification. He was born in San Diego, California, grew up in Brazil, England and Europe. After attending University he began working for a retired Federal Agent and one retired Naval Intelligence officer. After years in the investigative field this lead to his work with the late Walter Bowart. author of the book OPERATION MIND CONTROL. He hosted the ground-breaking radio show, “CASH FLOW”, and was an active player in taking down large bank debts through his Get Debt Relief Now programs.


One year after historical protests by native peoples, water protectors, and veterans at the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux reservation, another gathering is convening to offer visions of a new future for the native peoples and people of the world. The Oceti Sakowin Energy Summit, hosted with M.I.T., opens the doors for the convergence of LENR/Cold Fusion technology with the emerging world of blockchain/cryptocurrencies.

As outlined in this talk, we offer the perspective that the crypto system needs free energy to prosper, and LENR technology requires finances to emerge from suppression into the marketplace. Once people grasp that a currency truly based on a fundamental human need: energy, is feasible; we can reverse the equation of the costs and limitations of the present grid-based/carbon energy system.

Without energy that is clean, in balance with the earth, and free from the toxic by-products of carbon and nuclear power; from the endless wars fought over oil, and the poverty of peoples deprived of a sustainable way of life; the promises of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are empty. The emerging class of Bitcoin millionaires have a chance, NOW, to step up, join hands with the developers of LENR/Cold Fusion technologies; and forge a synergistic new economy that creates value and promotes the liberation of earth’s peoples from the Big Banking-Big Oil power base of consumption and debt. We believe this is the way forward. We hope that this weekend that conversation will engage at a serious level.
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