2018 Class Action Lawsuits: YouTube & Social Media Giants Need to be Crushed

Just this week, another class action lawsuit was filed against Google, this one by two of Google’s head software engineers who were both fired for exposing some of Google’s blatantly illegal practices. It’s now or never that “We the People” go after these social media giants with all of their censorship nonsense.

Being an attorney myself, I have several connections that have put me in touch with some of the most powerful law firms in the United States in the hope that one will take on MY case against Google, and then make it a class-action lawsuit so others can join.

I’m tired of waiting on other lawsuits with attorneys I KNOW are not NEARLY as good as the ones I am talking to. Hopefully one of them will take the case before the end of the week, but as you’ll learn in the video, any resources you can contribute will be GREATLY appreciated!

Please watch the video and find out!

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