Still doubting me about QANON? Watch this brief video before you comment. Something is FISHY and I am NOT controlled opposition. The same truthful man and committed patriot I have always been.

Excerpt from tonight’s research newsletter–
Over the past several days, I’ve been critical of the recent “QANON” postings on 8chan, and have taken some heat – some of it quite emotional – from others in the research community… over my skepticism.

Yet my skepticism is further confirmed tonight, unfortunately. “QANON” posted a screenshot of a Podesta email today that is not authentic. Simply not authentic; it’s a too-good-to-be-true fake designed to titillate which, when you do a keyword search on, appears nowhere in the archives… not in the Podesta archives, and not in the Hillary archives either.

It’s a fake. A spoof. So why is “QANON” distributing a fake Podesta email screengrab, when there are hundreds of highly suspect REAL Podesta emails to choose from? Is this an attempt to divide and conquer? An attempt to allow people to say “the Podesta emails have been discredited,” even though, in the near future, it will only be this one curious fake email that will be discredited, the one which Q promoted today.

Sorry, I believe Q is a person playing with the public’s hopes, or a malicious psyop to slow the legitimate, steady progress we are making in understanding Clinton criminality, central banking occultism, and so forth.

I believe the original “QANON” on 4chan, before the switch to 8chan was made, may have been legit in the sense he was providing seemingly real information ahead of unique events, such as the Saudi princes being taken down. Since then, since the move to 8chan, the leaker’s personality has been more or less the same but the quality of information has – in my strong view – gone down, substantially.

Don’t mean to offend those of you offended by my lack of confidence in the Q postings. LOL. Really not my aim. It’s simply that, at this point, publishing a fake Podesta email is kind of a cardinal sin. He’s sent the community on an interesting goose chase, and in all this time, the Clintons and Podestas and Soros remain free.

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