NWO – New Order of Barbarians – 1969 Lecture Reveals Diabolical Plan Of The Illuminati – 2 of 3

Tape 3 is 2 hours & will be uploaded shortly. This is Tape #2 of 3 tapes (working on 2 and 3 now)on the “New Order of Barbarians”, referred to on the tapes simply as the “new world system.” Tapes one and two were recorded in 1988 and are the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. The lecturer at that gathering of pediatricians (identified in tape three recorded in 1991) was a Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989). At the time Dr. Day was Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Dr. Dunegan was formerly a student of Dr. Day at the University of Pittsburgh and was well acquainted with him, though not intimately. He describes Dr. Day as an insider of the “Order” and although Dr. Dunegan’s memory was somewhat dimmed by the intervening years, he is able to provide enough details of the lecture to enable any enlightened person to discern the real purposes behind the trends of our time. This is a transcript of a a loose, conversational monologue that makes for better listening than reading.

For the full written transcript of all 3 tapes. go to the post on Victurus Libertas

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