Darren & Graham of Grimerica | The Vaccine Conspiracy, Homeschooling, & The Art Of Podcasting

Join The Higherside Chats podcast, with host Greg Carlwood, as he talks vaccines, homeschooling, & podcasting with Darren and Graham from Grimerica.

We should be well aware by now that throughout most of human history the power pyramid’s capstone cabal has wanted us to be nothing more than weak, subservient pawns in their game of thrones.

Between deadly pesticides on our food, toxic chemicals provided as our primary energy sources, and a tainted water supply- it’s safe to say they’ve honed in their sights and we are all in the cross hairs.

Frighteningly, if that wasn’t enough, they have stepped up their game to add the final nail in the coffin in the form of forced vaccinations and today’s guests, Grimerca’s Graham and Darren grace The Higherside stage to discuss the epidemic.

Become a Plus Member at http://ift.tt/2fuNGsZ to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:

– the Grimerica guests favorite guests and topics, dream guests, and lessons learned

– Graham’s UFO experiences with ECETI

– Grimerica’s balloon/camera launch GoFundMe campaign to solve the flat/round Earth debate

– their recent show about charity fraud and what they learned about corruption in that realm

– surpressed cancer cures

– magic, and Graham’s sigil experiment success

– trading stories about what it’s like to be conspiracy podcasters

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Grimerica “Grimerican Roundtables- Greg and Kyle of The
Higherside Chats”: http://ift.tt/2Ca6q6L

Grimerica #111 “Grimerica Talks Vaccines and The Ministry of Truth with Jon Rapport”: http://ift.tt/2EfJB7t

The Higherside Chats “Ed Haslam | Dr. Mary’s Monkey, The Polio Vaccine, and Lee Harvey Oswald”: http://ift.tt/2Ca6qDN

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act:


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