News: Alex Jones Shooting False Flag, QAnon Hawaii Missile, German Secret Space Program Antarctica

FEBRUARY 18th, 2018: STILLNESS IN THE STORM NEWS: Anchor Teresa Yanaros discusses the top news articles from the last week, including the recent school shooting in Florida and subsequent false flag analysis, connections between QAnon statements and the Hawaii Missile Attack controversy, and evidence mounting of people involved in the German Antarctica secret space program.

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Current Events
Alex Jones: Florida School Shooting Was “The Perfect False Flag: A White Nationalist Attacking a Multicultural School as a Way to Make The Leftists All Look Like Victims”

QAnon Corroborates Hawaii Missile Attack & Hunt for Rogue CIA Submarine

Will Antarctic German Space Program Reveal Itself & Release Advanced Technologies?

Conspiracy News
The God of Freemasonry Exposed

BRAINWASHED: The Goal of the Media Is to Poison the Minds of the Masses with Toxic Hatred and Engineered “Thought Loops”

Health News
Another Article Dismisses ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS) Without Mentioning that EHS is the Same Thing as “Microwave Sickness” Discovered in the 1950s

Entertainment News
Disclosures in the Show ‘Travelers’ (Starseed Mission)

Interest News
Rudolf Steiner Describes the Hostile Spiritual Beings Who Feed Off Your Fear and Anxiety

Music: The Language of Spirit

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