“Cabal Chaos, White Hats Retaliation, Sequence of Events” by RY – 3.8.18


3/08/2018 11:56:00 AM Emailed, Intel, News, Thoughts, White Hats

Entry Submitted by RY at 10:44 AM EST on March 8, 2018

The plan of Cabal’s chaos and the White Hat’s retaliation in order of events:

1 — Arrest of some very high level officials is planned to be in March sometime (this can be change to a later date if they so choose.)

2 — In retaliation, the Cabal/Global Banking Cartel, have been organizing a massive number of people by openly inviting them, at $1000 per person, to join the riots.

3 — In protective response, Trump’s Presidential Executive Order singed on Nov 1 allows the Military to take full charge (over and above the Judicial and Political branches) in response to the Cabal’s plan of disruption.

4 — Short and temporary riots or up-rising is expected and handled by the military.

5 — Followed by a planed drop of 45-50% in the Stock market (intentional by the good guys)

6 — Public/TV announcement of the NEW SYSTEM (both financial and new government) as you will see President Trump state and prepare the nation for it in this 7 min video.

7 — Introduction of the new Gold-back currency (the US and the rest of the world)

8 — Release of the RV

9 — You go and exchange.

The above plan of the Cabal for disruption is supposed to be for March. However, they can move it back or forward. We’ll just have to see.


A personal opinion:

New System
New Age
New Mind

What I mean is, from now on our justice and reprimands (including to the Cabal members) must be implemented with no hate, no revenge mentality, no venomous thoughts and no hate. Justice must and can be done with this kind of mind set if we choose to maintain and hang on to the Light (aka, Divine wisdom and Godly insight)

Lets get rid of these dark ones, because we have no other choice, but with this kind of mind and heart forward

A brother in Soul,

View on YouTube


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