2. Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 10 2018 Compiled by Judy Byington

Summary of Predicted Events this Month:

1. Insiders are claiming Sun. March 11 to be “D-Day for the Cabal”.

2. The stock market collapse was expected around mid-March (next week).

3. Zimbabwe’s amnesty on externalization of funds ends on the 16th.

4. China’s gold-backed RMB Yuan Futures starts trading on the 26th.

5. The UST was ready to introduce the gold-standard.

6. The IMF was ready to initiate a global gold-standard monetary system.

7. The RV release was expected once all currencies reset sometime between the 11th and the 26th

March 9 2018, ZAP:

I talked with Grandfather’s interpreter who said that the process was active and would be going into operation within the next weeks.

This was significant as it marked the beginning of the release of heavy technologies besides funding some super projects.

The China Foundation was also kicking in next week and becoming operational.
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