Jasper And Hawkeye are Back; Making Comments on Video; Comments Section


JasperAndHawkeye 8 hours ago :
SOMEONE give us the money to come ireland….ireland sucks

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gary Larrabee: : 6 hours ago :

How about asking your friends you look up to, George Soros And Rothchild that offered the reward if you got me off YouTube.

Reply : gary larrabee 6 hours ago :
Or maybe your friends at Google/YouTube.

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JasperAndHawkeye 6 hours ago :

we no longer work for them if you remember. me and jasper are washing the dishes at the towers hotel in glenbeigh ireland..well mr larabee not nice to kick people when they are down :

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Dee Doran : 5 hours ago :

IRELAND sucks really. Well then go home. :

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JasperAndHawkeye 5 hours ago :

because of mr larabees video here we are being blamed for the gorse fires here…it was the alliance : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbu7iiIgavA

I clicked on the above listed link and Notice this is Posted by JasperAndHawkeyeand not by me although I had posted it (my reading was bad becasuse to get it all it had to be so small it was hard fro me to see and read): Kerry Beaufort ‘Hum’ finally RESOLVED :

View on YouTube


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