3. Russia Rejects UK ALEGATION OF Fake Nerve Gas Attack, Trump Fires Tillerson For Backing Lie

With Doctor-Scientist Vil Mirzayanov having further received the 1993 Cavallo Foundation Special Award for Moral Courage, the 1994 Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists Award of the New York Academy of Sciences and the 1995 American Association for the Advancement of Science Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award for his revelations about Novichok nerve agents—as well as his being the first person in 70 years to sue the Soviet government, let alone win his case, this report continues, shows clearly his globally recognized honesty, integrity and chemical weapons expertise—and who, in his 2009 article titled “Novichok Chemical Formulas Are Not Terrorist Weapons”, clearly documented why no one would ever use Novichok nerve agents, and who wrote:
In GOSNIIOKhT, the Russian center for developing chemical weapons where I worked for 26 years, all scientists and engineers, including the departmental and laboratory chiefs, had to pass safety exams every year. The technical personnel had to pass them every six months.
The strictness of the technical measure in the laboratories and factories that produced chemical weapons was unprecedented. Even under these circumstances, there were many victims and the consequences were often lethal.
My friend Andrei Zheleznyakov died after being poisoned with the Novichok agent A-232, even though he was very experienced and was observing all safety measures.
Another reason why it is impossible for terrorists to use chemical agents (like Novichok agent 232) is that they cannot create weapons from them.
Chemical weapons are chemical agents carried in sophisticated bombs or rockets that have reliable delivery systems or launchers.
In the case of binary weapons, two chemicals must be mixed together perfectly during flight. The mixing and temperature need to be carefully controlled. Only special military personnel can operate them with minimal risk of poisoning or death.
Also, it is impossible to send chemical agents out in envelopes, as someone did with anthrax spores in the US.
Not letting the fact that Russia destroyed all of its Novichok nerve agents (because they were impossible for anyone to handle without dying) stop them from their “false flag” insanity, this report says, the “Deep State” aligned British government, aided by the Western mainstream propaganda media has, nevertheless, has begun issuing ultimatums to Russia.

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