Network of Global Corporate Control3 13 18

We have been talking about how the Banking Cartel has been lying to us about history. Our understanding of history is completely wrong. As we discussed last week, the members in the coalition that was predicted by the National War College, the coalition for the rule of law, are working together to reconstruct our past. One of the members of this coalition is the United States minus the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank.
We have been talking about the Phoenicians recently, and how these explorers “found” the American continent many years before Christopher Columbus set sail.

There are many buried cities off of our coasts. The ancient civilization that the Banking Cartel is trying to hide from us formed part of the Atlantis trading empire that spanned the globe from 4000 BC until its capital was buried under water in 1500.
We are all working together in the Global Currency Reset. Today we are working together in figuring out the history of the Banking Cartel, also known as the Network of Global Corporate Control. In my role as Overseer Mandate Trustee, I work together with decentralized humanity. As we get ourselves decentralized and fight the corruption in our money, we can revisit the decisions that were taken early on. In the beginning, the Global Currency Reset will consist almost entirely of the simple exchange of currencies, to cut off income to the Banking Cartel.

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