5. Russia Rejects UK ALEGATION OF Fake Nerve Gas Attack, Trump Fires Tillerson For Backing Lie

Quickly realizing that the “Deep State” aligned Secretary of State Tillerson and the British were pushing the world to total war, this report concludes, President Trump quickly fired Tillerson before further damage could be done as Russia’s military had warned it was prepared to immediately strike the Americans in Syria and who have, also, deployed the nuclear armed Kalibr Cruise Missile-equipped guided-missile frigate Admiral Essen off the coast of Syria that’s able to decimate US military forces throughout the Middle East.
Still left unknown by Russian intelligence agencies as it regards this “Deep State” aligned British “false flag” chemical weapons attack, this report concludes, is what has happened to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Chemical Weapons Elimination (that provides independent oversight to the US chemical weapons elimination programme) top Novichok nerve agent expert Dr. Timothy Cunningham—who, on 12 February, 4 days after Kissinger’s 8 February overture to President Putin to host a US-North Korean summit, suddenly disappeared—with the US propaganda mainstream media reporting that he was despondent because he failed to get promoted—but that the CDC states was a completely made up “fake news” lie—that no American should really be surprised about as evidenced by yesterday’s news that President Trump had been cleared by the US House who said they found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, but that the entire mainstream television newscasts on CBS, ABC and NBC combined gave less than a minute’s coverage of—and whose “Deep State” allegiance is best typified by former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson who insanely just admitted that she keeps an Obama “therapy doll” in her purse at all times to protect her against Trump—thus explaining the hysteria that has overtaken the entire mainstream US media establishment.

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