3. Trump Prepares To Declare California “In State Of Rebellion”—Then Establish New Government

Though President Trump has at his disposal to use against these rebellions California leftist-communist lawmakers 18 US Code, Section 2383 that would jail them all for being in rebellion against the United States, this report details, SVR intelligence analysts state that by his historic “actions and personality” he is, instead, preparing to invoke the United States Constitution’s “Guarantee Clause”—most specifically due to the 1849 ruling named Luther v. Borden wherein the US Supreme Court found that it was up to the President and Congress to enforce the “Guarantee Clause” and that, as an inherently political question, it was outside the purview of the Court—thus establishing that the “republican form of government” clause of Article Four was non-justiciable, a ruling that still holds today.
With the US Supreme Court, therefore having ruled that the “Guarantee Clause” cannot even be questioned by any American Court of any kind or jurisdiction, this report concludes, President Trump’s power to use and enforce it against a California in rebellion are unlimited—and under whose provisions orders him to ensure that all of States have a republican form of government only—and whose actions against these leftist-communist rebels, many experts believe, will begin once Trump fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaces him former US Attorney, and current US Congressman, Trey Gowdy—who is said “will provide the bulldog mentality that Trump will need to carry out the mandate to Make America Great Again and to bring these California rebels to justice”.

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