QAnon/MegAnon: Revolution is Underway, American Life will Change Forever

Economist and Author, Wayne Jett, joins the program to provide a summary of the latest messages coming from MegaAnon and Qanon. His latest post on his website contains a broad summary of the information that has been shared over the past months and what it means to the country and the world. Based on Jett’s extensive historical research and economics experience, he provides an overview hard to match.

You can learn more about Wayne Jett and purchase his latest book “Fruits of Graft” at
This video is very good. This guy talks about the gold back system and upcoming arrests. March through April is a window for this to roll out. Everyone is on high alert. I do get intel on 800 numbers and banks are receiving memos. This has happened before so do not quit your day job.

View on YouTube


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