3. Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 30 2018 Compiled by Judy Byington


8. A person with 100K Dinar: call the 800 number to get 100% Contract Rate.

9. Your ability to obtain the Contract Rate would depend on how much total currency you had. The less you had, the more likely you were to get it.

10. You could exchange up to ten million Dinar at the Contract Rate and exchange the rest at the Bank Screen Rate that showed at the time of your exchange.

11. There were no Contract Rates available on the Dong.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA):

1.NDAs are required on Contract Rates and most Zim redemption.

2. The NDA is 10 pages on the $28.50 Dinar and 12 pages on the Zim.

3. If you broke your NDA by exposing to anyone what you had, what your rate was, or where you got it, you could have all of your bank accounts frozen and be required by law to return all of your money, including any profits made.
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