3. Lana Vawser: There May be a Battle Going on for your Rest


Psalm 23 and resting in Him and with Him, taking more time to be with Him and be in His Word is going to bring about a great washing and refreshing. Many of you have been in such a long battle for so long and this is a season of refreshing and rejuvenation. The Lord is wanting to refresh, restore, rejuvenate and reinvigorate His people by His Spirit. There is the place of quietness with Him that is bringing refreshment to the soul. Many of you have been in such long battles of the mind. Such long battles with fear. Such long battles of contending. Such long battles of waiting. Such long battles with disappointment and discouragement, and these battles have weighed on your heart, they have weighed on your soul.

The Lord showed me that so many are weary, so many have weary hearts and weary minds from the battle, but the Lord has heard the cries of the weary, and He is inviting His people to “come away with Him” and meditate upon the glorious truths of Psalm 23, to lie with Him beside the bubbling brooks of peace, and allow Him to restore and heal you.


I saw so many profound encounters taking place for God’s people in the meditation upon Psalm 23. He is going to reveal His heart in greater ways. He is going to impart peace in greater ways. Fear is going to break and a whole new realm of trusting, resting faith will be found in Him. There’s a new realm of encountering Him and deeper intimacy awaiting you in Psalm 23. There is such restoration, such healing, such deliverance, such freedom, such joy, such refreshment being released to God’s people through Psalm 23. The rivers of His presence and peace are rushing and gushing forth from the revelation contained within Psalm 23, that will position His people under this beautiful waterfall of His presence. In this place your hope will be renewed. In this place your vision will be restored. In this place your peace will be renewed. In this place your joy will be made full in Him.

The enemy has tried so hard in this battle to keep you from the place of deeper rest in Him. To steal your rest, to steal your peace, to steal your joy, but the Lord is fighting for you and He is going to restore.
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